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We don’t think too often about brake fluid maintenance. But knowing a few simple facts will help keep your brakes and entire vehicle in good working order.

Brake Fluid Should Be Replaced Every Few Years

A properly lubricated engine keeps you going. Brake fluid is just as critical in allowing you to stop and arrive at your destination safely. The best way to know how often to change your brake fluid is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some manufacturers say the brake fluid should be changed every two years. Others recommend every 3 years or every 45,000 miles. Some manufacturers make no recommendation. If no recommendation is made at all, talk to the trained technicians at Jiffy Lube® for a recommendation.

Brake Function is Affected by Contaminated Brake Fluid

To slow down and stop, most vehicles use hydraulic brakes. Although hydraulic braking systems are closed systems, brake fluid can become dirty and contaminated after several years of normal use. This can happen because additives in the brake fluid wear out over time, or moisture gets into the hydraulic braking system and begins to degrade the brake fluid chemistry. In any case, contaminated brake fluid can have serious consequences for the brake function. For example, you may notice a “squishy” sensation as you step on the gas pedal, or that your vehicle doesn’t stop as quickly when making a hard stop. If you recognize any issues like these, bring your car to Jiffy Lube® for a brake fluid check.

Brake Fluid Replacement Is Cost-Effective, Preventative Maintenance

If contaminated brake fluid is left untreated, moisture in the fluid line can cause further damage to your vehicle. Internal corrosion and rust on the brake lines, brake calipers, and other brake parts can break your wallet if not treated. Luckily, you can easily get the brake fluid replaced and avoid these problems for potentially $100 or less. Our skilled technicians at Jiffy Lube® can also recommend the manufacturer’s preferred type of brake fluid for your vehicle.

Brake Fluid Personal Inspection

Knowing the appearance of the brake fluid can tell you when you’re due for a change. Brake fluid should be clear or have a slight orange, blue, or green tint. To easily check this, open your car’s brake fluid reservoir (a canister located under the hood and mounted on top of the brake master cylinder). If the fluid appears dark or cloudy, take your vehicle to a service center. If you’re unsure what the brake fluid color is, visit your local Jiffy Lube® where trained technicians can perform a complete brake fluid check. If you live in a humid area, such as Florida, we recommend doing this test at least once a year.

The great news is that, if you bring your vehicle in for a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, the brake fluid check is included! Our Jiffy Lube® technicians are well-trained and know what to look for when it’s time to change your brake fluid. In our care, your vehicle receives top notch service, giving you peace of mind knowing Jiffy Lube® has you covered!

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